Bob Andersen was born in Brisbane in 1958 and raised with his two sisters in the bayside suburb of Manly. His mother managed the household and his father was a spray painter/panel beater who had a love of hotting up cars. This explains why Bob loves to extract extra performance out of every car he owns, regardless of the pedigree.

An above-average student but certainly not at the top of his class, Bob displayed the focus, determination and mental toughness to excel at sport, and competed in athletics at a state and national level.

Dropping out of university after eight months convinced Bob a future as an industrial chemist was not going to happen. It was a near fatal accident a few years later that indirectly launched Bob into the property development industry.

In his corporate career, Bob has held state and national management roles in Australia’s most prominent property development companies and has developed everything from duplexes to CBD office towers.

Bob continues to develop Australia-wide through his property development company Positive Property Strategies. However, his real love is educating and mentoring budding property developers through his other business Property Mastermind.

Some years ago, Bob co-authored with his son Luke the highly successful book Residential Real Estate Development – A Practical Guide for Beginners to Experts. Considered to be the foremost authority and educator on property development in Australia, Bob has appeared in magazines Australian Property Investor, Your Investment Property, Success, and Money. He has been featured on radio, in newspapers and on Foxtel and Sky News.

When not mentoring his current group of up-and-coming property development millionaires, Bob loves to travel and go fishing.