Chris Gray was born in the UK in 1971 and grew up on the outskirts of London in a small village called Radlett. While his parents were very generous to all, they were also very frugal. When given the choice to either fly to Hawaii to see a family member or build a patio, they chose to build a patio in the back garden. Maybe that’s where Chris’ underlying investment brain started developing (even though he would have rather chosen Hawaii).

Chris was a typical lazy boy at school, doing the bare minimum to survive. Despite his father being a cardiologist and his mother a nurse, Chris couldn’t stand the sight of blood. He chose accounting as a career, as he could always work with numbers without too much effort.

At age 22, Chris realised it was time to move out of home. He calculated he couldn’t afford to pay off a one bedroom unit on his own, but realised he could afford a three bedroom house if he rented out the two spare rooms. It was this genius logic that has always been behind his achievements as a property investor.

After semi-retiring from full-time work at Deloitte at age 31, Chris started teaching people how he had built his wealth. In 2004, he founded Your Empire, a business which buys, renovates and manages properties for time-poor professionals.

Chris has been a TV presenter on multiple channels for over 10 years and currently hosts Smart Investing on Sky News Business. He tends to only work a few hours a day and is mostly found ‘networking’ on superyachts or travelling around the world.