Colin Fragar was born in the Blue Mountains NSW in 1982. With a town planner for a father and banker for a mother, he grew up with conversations around the dinner table on real estate, finances and the value that the right council approval added to peoples lives. With banking and town planning in his blood, he also acquired a strong commitment for investing for the future.

Colin purchased his first investment property at the age of 19. Believing in the value of owning appreciating assets, he would go on to own three houses before he even purchased his first car.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business (with distinction) and Masters of Property Development from the University of Technology Sydney. His time at university included studying finance in New York on a scholarship.

By the time he finished university, Colin had created a property portfolio of 13 properties. On graduating, he was offered positions in Sydney law firms but chose instead to follow his dream of being a full-time property investor and entrepreneur.

After an extended hiatus in Africa, Colin returned to Australia to build a portfolio of positive cash flow properties. Now, Colin is the CEO of The Council Approval Experts, a town planning and design firm focused on helping ordinary people navigate the council approval process.

The ultimate investment decision Colin has made was marrying his best friend, Loren. He and his wife are partners not only in marriage, but in all business and investment decisions. They are proud parents of their son Wesley.

When Colin is not working, you will find him with his family touring the countryside, at Church or listening to another John C. Maxwell podcast.