Iven Frangi was born in Sydney and tells people, “I was manufactured here from imported parts”. His father was Egyptian and Jewish, his mother Scottish and Catholic but educated in England. No wonder he ended up in business, teaching people how to manage differences.

Iven left university, where he studied psychology, to go into business. After initially working with the family jewellery business and at Grace Bros, he realised he wanted to run his own business.

At age 20, Iven was introduced to Allan Pease, a sales manager recruiting for the National Mutual Insurance company. With Allan’s training, by age 22 Iven was one of the youngest to qualify for the exclusive Million Dollar Round Table. His mentor Allan later invited him to contribute to his best-selling book, Body Language.

Iven has been featured on the Business Skills Education TV network and has presented the Sales and Marketing education program for Deakin University. He is a Fellow of the Customer Service Institute of Australia. In conjunction with business futurist Craig Rispin, Iven co-authored the book High Tech – High Touch Selling. He has also been recognised as Speaker of the Year by the Professional Speakers Association.

Iven is regarded as one of Australasia’s customer and sales experience management specialists. Iven has spoken, trained, conducted workshops and mentored in places ranging from conference centres to hotels, a monastery, farm paddocks, factories, shop floors, hospital wards, cruise ships and even Long Bay Jail (not as an inmate).

Iven improves himself as well as businesses. He has recently lost over 70 kilos and is happier and healthier than he was 30 years ago (in case you see an old video).