Joanna Oakey was born in Sydney in 1978. A small town upbringing and the influences of her socially conscious parents helped Joanna form the foundations of a strong values base and a hard work ethic. It also fostered a penchant for doing things differently.

After achieving university awards and an honours degree in law, Joanna spent time working for some of Australia’s top legal firms. She quickly built a loyal client base and became a known speaker in the area of contract law. Joanna has now spent more than a decade training some of Australia’s biggest companies and governmental organisations to deal with and negotiate contracts.

Her love of business and skills in law finally culminated in the creation in 2009 of the commercial legal practice Aspect Legal. Through this legal practice and her past experience, Joanna and the Aspect Legal team have worked with thousands of businesses and business owners, from small start-ups through to many leading multinational corporations. Aspect Legal proudly supports their clients’ growth and helps them to thrive while protecting them from the unexpected storms of business.

Joanna also now hosts 2 of the top business law podcasts in Australia: Talking Law (providing smart legal tips for business), and The Deal Room (Australia’s first mergers and acquisitions podcast).

Today, Joanna lives in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches with her husband and two young children. She spends her spare time dreaming about ways to create the perfect business, one that breaks the traditional lawyer mould, delivers deep value to its clients, and has a positive impact on the community and the world.