Hailing from Bendigo in Victoria, Kody Thompson is the CEO of a hugely successful online development business Lightning Sites.

Kody was welcomed into the world during the tail-end of the 1980s. From a young age, he exhibited a passion and flair for creativity, and was drawn to helping others. During high school, he interned with major advertising agency Clemenger before being offered a scholarship to the company’s private design academy.

Kody had his sights set on a future in the world of art and design, however, his goals were sidetracked by the loss of several close friends to suicide. Fuelled by a desire to bring hope to the younger generation, Kody began volunteering, with the goal of helping youth who had lost meaning and purpose in their lives.

Turning down his sought-after scholarship, Kody instead combined a graphic design degree and youth work diploma. After working full time as a pastor for three and a half years, Kody and his wife Sarah set out on a new adventure. With an unpaid role lined up at a church on the Gold Coast, Kody founded his own freelance graphic design agency.

What began as a strategy to pay the bills quickly turned into a love affair with entrepreneurship and helping other people who are in business.

Kody’s first business, DesignFox, began with $250 worth of business cards. It has now evolved into Lightning Sites, an operation which has turned over $1 million in profit since 2013 and which employs a staff of over 22 people.

Throughout his journey, Kody has focused on working to make the world a better place. As well as being a highly energetic entrepreneur, Kody is passionate about charity fundraising and providing housing for disadvantaged families in South East Asia.