Mark Rolton was born in Wollongong on the NSW South Coast before moving with his family to Logan City in Queensland when he was four years old. Despite being a bright student, Mark hated school and took the first opportunity to leave to start an apprenticeship as a builder.

After becoming a qualified builder, Mark started his own construction company, which project managed many high-rise projects on the Gold Coast, in Ipswich and in Logan. While undertaking a university course to increase his skills, someone in Mark’s business embezzled funds, causing his level of debt to reach $430,000.

It was at this ‘rock bottom’ point that Mark discovered Property Options and realised there was a way to team up with others and make a profit for himself. After an early attempt netted him $42,000 in one day, the beginning of an empire was forged.

From the ashes of near bankruptcy, Mark Rolton has become Australia’s Number One Authority on Property Options and the CEO of Massland, which has now developed and delivered $273.5 million worth of independently funded projects across Australia.

Mark is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who is passionate about sharing his knowledge of Property Options. For the past 9 years, he has guided and mentored thousands of people, from mums and dads to CEOs.

Mark is an avid adventure racer and triathlete who has competed in the Des Sables Marathon, Noosa Triathlon, the New Zealand Triathlon and the Kokoda Challenge. He currently lives by the beach on the Gold Coast with his wife and three children, and loves nothing more than heading to the beach for a run and swim to start his day.