Born in 1982 to a former Nun, Mark was brought up with a strong foundation of ethics and integrity, which he continues to uphold in everything he does.

Mark’s entrepreneurial ventures started in primary school, when he would pocket his tuckshop money then make lunch instead of buying it. His first paying job was as a KFC delivery driver at age ten (with the actual driving outsourced to his father). At 15, Mark became a greyhound trainer, owning and training a greyhound which earned over $60,000 in prize money.

Mark joined Chartered Accounting and Business Advisory firm Caunt and Lowbeer whilst completing a double degree in accounting and business administration. He earned the title of partner at age 24, whilst completing his CA qualifications.

Now Managing Director at Imagine Accounting, Mark and his team help their clients find more time, pay less tax, and create better cash flow.

Mark is a chartered accountant, registered tax agent, registered SMSF auditor, superannuation financial advisor, Justice of the Peace, Xero certified advisor and, most importantly, a lifelong learner. With a significant property portfolio in both Australia and the USA, he is also an active share investor and property developer.  

Having a strong belief in contributing to make the world a better place means Mark personally supports the work of a number of charities. Imagine Accounting also makes regular donations as a partner of not for profit initiative Buy1Give1.

Mark lives in Sydney with his wife and two young children. When he can find the time he loves watching sport, having a beer with friends, playing a game of golf, catching live music, and having a bash on his drum kit.