If you walked past Nathan Birch in the street, you probably wouldn’t realise you were walking past one of Australia’s most successful property investors.

Nathan lives life on his terms and is more worried about his portfolio and his clients’ success than he is about looking impressive in a shirt or suit. He’s so down-to-earth, he’ll probably be wearing his standard thongs when you meet him, no matter who you are.

Nathan didn’t retire from the rat race at the age of 24 because he had earned a fancy degree, been raised by a wealthy family or won the lottery. His success at such a young age was all down to his property investment portfolio.

The owner of over 200 properties, Nathan’s property portfolio is worth over $50 million and he is his own boss. Throw in the $500,000 passive income he receives from his portfolio and you can understand why he’s always smiling.

Not content with his own success, Nathan wanted to show investors like himself how to live life on their own terms by leveraging his property investment strategies. He created the Binvested Group of Companies, which aims to provide every service an investor could ever need to start, grow and maintain a profitable property investment portfolio.

Today, as Chairman of Binvested, Nathan shares his knowledge and experience with other investors, helping them to achieve their lifestyle dreams through property. Known widely for his ‘no bullshit’, honest approach, his popular YouTube videos and commentary have been the source of education for the many aspiring property investors who are seeking to emulate his success. On his own and through his business, Nathan has now been a part of over 10,000 real estate transactions!