Roger was born in Nelson, New Zealand, the youngest of five children. He enjoyed an idyllic childhood, spending hours exploring and playing all sorts of sports with his friends. He finally decided on soccer as his sport of choice and enjoyed success, playing for his province at a junior level.

After a rather poor final year at school, Roger’s father was keen for him to get a job so at 16 years of age, Roger found himself working for the global giant Shell. After taking some time off to travel and work overseas, he returned to Shell in Wellington, taking on various positions around the company as his career progressed.

The challenge of taking on new roles came to a grinding halt when Roger was given the job of Retail Training Manager. This new ‘career’ really took flight after he met two inspiring training consultants and contracted them to work with Shell. From this point, Shell franchisees began queuing up to attend training programs.

Over the following years, Roger relocated to Shell Australia before being invited to run training programs in the UK and across Europe. After helping Shell Australia to achieve incremental sales in excess of $15 million per annum, Roger left the company to become a full-time trainer and facilitator.

Starting out with two clients, Roger has now helped over 50 retail businesses to reap the rewards of excellent training. This passionate educator is excited to show his clients how to offer the best level of service and in turn how to increase their profits.

When not facilitating training courses, Roger enjoys a game of social golf. He keeps fit by walking in beautiful Mt Martha, where he has lived with his wife Andrea since 2013.