Sue Papadoulis was born in the hills of Perth, Western Australia, in 1970. On a half-acre block surrounded by open paddocks, a creek and lots of trees, there was ample freedom and plenty of space for creativity.    

Growing up, Sue loved to read and write. As a kid, she’d spend hours riding her bike and making up stories. This creative freedom was tempered by the responsibility that came with being the daughter of a primary school headmaster who was known for being fiercely competitive. Her parents instilled in their two daughters the need to be self-sufficient, which sparked an entrepreneurial flair.

Deciding on a field of study came down to a choice between Sue’s passion for writing and her desire to be financially successful — journalism or commerce? Passion won out and she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.

Sue quickly secured her first role in the media and rose through the ranks to be News Editor before switching to PR management. Having a baby and wanting to work from home was the catalyst for starting her own business.  

As a journalist, Sue was nominated for a national Youth Media Award and while in business she won the media category in the National Trust Awards. She is listed as one of Perth’s top 100 influential business owners and innovators.

Sue now leads Profile Media and a team of journalists who provide PR services, delivering outstanding publicity results for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. She has also launched the Good News Movement, an initiative designed to encourage more positive reporting. Her next goal is to make this a global good news content platform.