Would you like to go inside the minds of the country’s most successful property investors? Would you like to learn how they got started and how they turned a few thousand dollars into multi-million dollar property portfolios? If so, this book is for you! Join author Dale Beaumont as he asks all the big questions and gets you the answers you need to achieve personal and financial success.


  • What are the essential qualities of highly successful property investors
  • The pros and cons of all property strategies and which is right for you
  • How to make money when the market is going up, down or sideways
  • The best way to turn negatively geared properties into positive cashflow
  • Proven negotiation techniques that’ll help you buy below market value
  • How to structure your property portfolio to lower risk and reduce tax
  • The expert tips on future hot spots and where the market is going next

Featuring written material by…

  • Chris Gray (Your Empire)
  • Mark Rolton (Massland Property Development)
  • Colin Fragar (Council Approval Experts)
  • Tyron Hyde (Washington Brown)
  • Nathan Birch(BInvested)
  • Bernadette Janson (The School of Renovating)
  • Helen Tarrant (Commercial Property)
  • Bob Andersen (Bob Andersen)
  • Jo Vadillo (Advocate Property Services)
  • Ian Ugarte (Affordable Housing)
  • Rich Harvey (Property Buyer)
  • Sandra Sherratt (Top Real Estate Agent)